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are you considering introducing your child to the internet? are you concerned about the dangers of online activity? are you continually searching for family friendly content? an entertaining and educational online experience in a fun, safe environment bizzy city was designed to provide your child a positive, beneficial online experience free from the potential negative influences and activity found on the internet. Bizzy city is a micronet (mini-web) community for children; tweens and early teens, where they can experience selected online content such as books, games, videos, tv shows, movies, music, news, social networks and more. Although you, the parent, ultimately decides what is appropriate for your child, bizzy city offers a unique alternative to the internet at large in a safe, controlled environment. Bizzy city features the following:

bizoo offers hundreds of wildlife and nature videos. Your child will delight in the variety and quality of the up-close encounters with animals from all over the world.

corner’s bookstore if your child loves books, this is where you will find them in bizzy city. From classic literature to contemporary fiction, the shelves of corner’s bookstore are filled with a large selection of classic audiobooks, online print books, and podcasts that are appropriate for all ages.

bztv features classic and contemporary television series and programming in a wide variety of categories such as adventure, comedy, cartoons, history, sc…read more detail

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